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Buildingreport Number 17

Sunday, 2005-09-04 Restoration of a very old house.

As reported, between the workmen and stoneeaters a altercation and speculations arise, for what the new plazas could be used ?! The suggestions pass from "building of more houses for the workmen" across "positioning of memorials" up to "planting of yellow flower.

But also here the construction manager have the final say - and he....


Images 1 to 3:

... think, that on the place some old buildings would look wonderful. The old buildings was found recently by a old wise gentlemen. This old hourses are approximately 1920 madun years old (that are 20 years our calculation of times) - so they are very, very veeeery old.

First the buildings was placed only for a test to check, which house can be set on which plaza.

Images 4 to 5:

As first step to restorate and renovate the first house - a monastery tavern - the construction manager ordered to quarry out old windows - they was to thick. No wonder, two tausend years ago the glazieries was not able to produce so thin windows...

Images 6 to 9:

Afterwars the old walls and the skeleton framing was renovated....

Images 10 to 12:

... and the stonework was boosted inside, so that the house later will be leakproofed for the lights. Nobody took attention to this in the past - or the architecture was not so far ;)

Images 13 to 18:

Parallel the rooms and the interior was be completed by the workman and by the "electro-runts" - attended: the rooms are not so luxurios as the rooms for the king. That again occasioned the workman to buzzing about the later usage.

Images 19 to 21:

The "electro-runts" got realy stress in the moving chaos and to lay the twenty several circuits and more than 40 cables to the rooms in the house.

Images 22 to 24:

Accurate to some peanuts - the restauration and the renovation are now finished. The house by day...

Images 25 to 29:

... and by night.

But who will move into the new house - the former monastery tavern - and what will be the economic utilisation - all this the construction manager want to announce next week, after the colors dryed.


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